Choosing the Right Exercise

Choosing the Right Exercise

Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to exercise? Everyone’s body is built differently and operates uniquely at different stages of life. Choosing the right exercise regimen is just as important as the exercise itself. So, you read an article in a fitness magazine that illustrated a workout regimen for women over the age of 50 – well, while I’m sure that there were a lot of helpful tips and core principles in that article, it isn’t realistic to think that any one workout regimen is right for all women over the age of 50. I get those same fitness magazines, and even enjoy reading them, but my knowledge of the human body and how it works began to evolve when I went to Physical Therapy school in my early twenties, and has evolved even more now that I have been practicing for 24 years. Take it from me, the right exercise regimen for you is one that is catered individually to you, your health and your body’s makeup.

The Wrong Exercise Regimen Can Lead to Injury

I have always gone to the gym to work out, even as a young man. Now, having been in my profession for as long as I have, when I go to the gym it can be very disconcerting to see people doing exercises that are actually doing their body more harm than good. They believe that these exercises are building muscle and increasing the strength of their joints, but in reality these exercises are ultimately leading to the breakdown of their joints and muscles, potentially leading to injuries in the future. I have tried approaching these people to offer helpful advice, explaining my background and knowledge of the human body and its mechanics, but I am often met with hesitation. They usually have a story about a personal experience and how they were taught these exercises by a ‘professional.’ Oftentimes, the clients of these ‘professionals’ end up being of patients of mine or one of our other therapists.

There Is a Science to Exercise

exercise-gymThere is more to exercise than just the mechanics of movement. The brain is largely involved in determining which exercises are right for us. In my experience, I have learned that the nervous system likes certain patterns of movement and there are certain patterns that can be detrimental to our bodies. This information may seem foreign to personal trainers and others who consider themselves experts on exercise, but this type of knowledge comes from being educated on the pathology of the human body. That knowledge, paired with 24 years of experience developing individualized exercise regimens for patients of all ages and backgrounds, is how we get our patients on the right track and help to prevent injuries and unnecessary breakdown of muscles and joints in the future.

The Right Exercise for the Right Injury

There are certain exercises that are best for physical ailments that occur over time {without injury} and certain exercises that are best for injury induced physical ailments. These ailments that occur over time can easily be a direct result of the wrong exercise regimen. That breakdown of the muscles and joints will ultimately lead to injuries in the future. Are you following the right exercise regimen for your body? Don’t wander off into the gym and try to figure out these things on your own.

With four locations from Crestview to Destin, Florida, our physical therapists are true professionals that are qualified to get you on the right track with your exercise regimen. Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Center has expertise in assessing, diagnosing, and treating the real issues that cause medical problems.  Let Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Center, LLC help you determine which exercises are beneficial to your body and which ones to avoid. Take our advice now rather than later and avoid injuries in your future.