How to Avoid Knee and Ankle Sprains on the Beach

Spring Break is a fun time of year; however, it can easily go awry if you get a sprained ankle or knee while at the beach. The sand’s instability makes it easier to sustain such injuries; however, by being physically fit and by being careful, these injuries can be avoided during Spring Break.

Avoid Putting a Strain (or a Sprain) on your Spring Break

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to take a Girl at the Beachweek out of winter to enjoy Spring Break at the beach; however, there is nothing less pleasant than having to spend that week sitting on the sidelines due to an ankle or knee sprain you got in the sand.

Because beach sand creates an unstable environment, it becomes a more common location for individuals to sprain or strain a vulnerable area like a knee or an ankle.  Injury to a knee or ankle can take seconds while the physical therapy needed to recover from such a sports injury can take weeks.  The best way to handle a knee or ankle injury is to not get one at all.

Taking Steps in the Right Direction (to Avoid Injury)

Sprains most often occur as a result of the following actions:

  • Running
  • Turning
  • Falling
  • Landing

When you run, jump, fall, etc. on the beach, you increase the likelihood of injury during these activities because you will be taking off from and landing on a soft, unstable ground.

Fun at the BeachSo, knowing this, here are some tips for avoiding pain and sprain during your time at the beach:

  • Avoid Hazardous Activity: Minimize your chances of injury by not running and jumping unless you’re engaged to do so. If you’re a jogger and want to run on the beach, make sure you’re adequately trained and strengthened to do so.
  • Do Strengthening Exercises before your Visit: Lots of people want to get in tip top shape appearance-wise for spring break, but few consider getting their muscles ready to adapt to the beach. Do some simple exercises to build strength especially if you plan to engage in sporting activities on the beach.
  • Take Your Shoes Off: Shoes –even flip flips—can cause instability in the sand that your muscles have to account for. You have more control if you are barefoot in the sand.

Girl SnorklingBy being safe and practical and following the above-listed tips, you can take safe steps to avoid getting a knee or ankle sprain on the beach.  That said, if you do get injured, start by resting and icing the injured ankle. Don’t hesitate to contact a sports and physical therapist clinic like the Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Center to begin treatment as they can help get you back on your feet, so you can get the most out of your Spring Break.

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